Each year thousands of Ontarians get injured in slip & fall incidents. Tragically, most falls can be prevented through exercise of reasonable care. Unfortunately, fall victims often falsely think that there is nobody to sue after experiencing a fall. Whether it is a private driveway, a store, a plaza or even a city street, insurance coverage outside one’s own home is typically available.

Fall victims should be particularly aware that failure to give notice to the at fault party or starting a lawsuit within the deadlines imposed by law may result in their lawsuit being denied. This is particularly true when the fall occurs on a city street or other city property. It is therefore imperative that fall victims consult a lawyer within three to four days from the time of the fall.

The lawyers at Taylor Mergui have successfully advanced numerous of slip & fall cases. If you or someone you know is a victim in a slip and fall incident, we invite you to contact us today at 416-514-0123.